I Thrive…

…by helping individuals and organizations get “unstuck” and unlock their potential.

I am a Certified Career Development Practitioner (CCDP) and learning professional with a 20-year track record of improving individual capability, and helping teams and organizations achieve their objectives. My success has come from leveraging my strengths as an educator, trusted advisor and coach to help others find clearer direction and goals, develop and move forward with confidence, and achieve the success they define so they can thrive.

In my own career-life journey, I’ve never been one to follow a path. I have cut my own trail in a variety of fields, sometimes out of curiosity and desire, sometimes because… life happens when you least expect it. I’ve made shifts in my career to better align with my values. I’ve had to pivot when the terrain changed unexpectedly. My story is not unique. But it is why I feel a strong connection with people who are:

  • stuck or unfulfilled in their career, who are motivated to change but who may lack the skills or are too busy to devote time and energy to thinking about that next step.
  • unsatisfied and disengaged, but too focused on running “away” from a dissatisfying job rather than being clear on what they want to run “toward”.
  • facing a career transition they weren’t expecting, who haven’t thought about their strengths, value proposition or how to market and promote themselves for the next job in a long time.

This experience has also informed my passionate belief that the need for career self-management and career literacy in organizations is urgent, as the well-worn paths of the past are disappearing, and managers are busy delivering results. Helping employees self-develop and grow in line with the rapidly changing needs of the organization is the reason I pursued a career as a learning and development professional for 15 years. Once I discovered career development as a profession in 2012, I knew I had found my calling.

As a career professional in the corporate world, I led the development and implementation of a multi-year strategy for integrated, enterprise career development, including a supporting curriculum to improve individual capability and career management skills across an organization. I also consulted with internal business partner teams to create career management strategies and solutions to support their talent plans.

But I know I have always been happiest and most fulfilled when I am helping the individuals who work in those organizations – help them develop their skills, understand and articulate their value, see how they fit in the big picture and develop strategies to navigate the road ahead. So, in 2018 I decided to make another transition of my own and launch my own practice – Thrive Career Consulting. I consult with companies to provide custom career development solutions, and coach individuals towards career fulfillment and transition. I also devote a great deal of my time as a volunteer actively promoting and supporting the career field and the development of career professionals in Ontario and in Canada. So, now I am a full-fledged career nerd and loving every minute of it!

Please contact me so we can discuss how my career development solutions will help you or your organization.


Barbara Wilson, CCDP

Certified Career Coach | Career Consultant | Speaker 

SkillScan Drive and Express Certified